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by debhill on January 20, 2013

Magic-Sculpt Self Hardening Two Part Epoxy Clay

Magic-Sculpt Epoxy Clay

Magic Sculpt is a two part self hardening epoxy clay. It can be mixed and molded by hand or machine.  It is non-toxic making it great for hand sculpting and molding.


Magic-Sculpt is used throughout the world by hundreds of different crafts and professions — artists, sculptors, taxidermists, furniture restorers, mold makers, manufacturing, museums, sign makers, prop studios, fx artists, ceramicists, doll makers, miniature artists, action figure designers and modifiers, as well as many more.

It has approximately a 3 hour working time from mixing to hardening and can be sanded, drilled or modified with carving tools after hardening. It accepts most paints and is outdoor or underwater durable!

Magic-Sculpt adheres to most surfaces include foam, wood, glass, stone, clay, and most anything else. Also works as a bonding agent between two different materials.

Use a s sculpting or modifying medium over an armature or mannequin or by itself as a sculpting material.

To order Magic-Sculpt please use our secure online store at Magic Sculpt at www.artplace.com or just click here to order.

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